PhotoBooth Statistics

During the photobooth event from [photobooth-statistics-event-from date-format=”d.m.Y”] to [photobooth-statistics-event-to date-format=”d.m.Y”] the guests / visitors had the opportunity to take photos on the PhotoBooth and share them via various social media platforms as well as WhatsApp or to share them via mail.


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First Session: [photobooth-statistics-event-from] 
Last Session: [photobooth-statistics-event-to]
Event Duration: [photobooth-statistics-event-duration]



On Average

Use of different PhotoBooth Profiles


# of Prints


Sharing Statistics

The sharing statistics were considered and evaluated over the period from [photobooth-statistics-sharing-from date-format=”d.m.Y”] to [photobooth-statistics-sharing-to date-format=”d.m.Y”].

First Sharing Action: [photobooth-statistics-sharing-from] 
Latest Sharing Action: [photobooth-statistics-sharing-to]


User Statistics

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